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In recent years, with the rapid development of the global cosmetics industry, the Asia-Pacific market has become the world's largest cosmetics consumer market, China has become the most world's attention and concern market area by the global cosmetics enterprises. According to data provided by the relevant industry associations, China's cosmetics market in the coming years will be to maintain an average annual growth rate of 15%. At present, China's cosmetics market has become the world's first 8 and Asia’s 2, especially in recent years, the development of Chinese cosmetics industry is more active and rapid. With the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, the cosmetics industry will also become one of the fastest growing industries in our national economy.

To promote the exchange of international cosmetics industry, Cosmetics & Personal Care Tech Asia 2016 will be held on May 26-27 in Shanghai China. The conference will invite relevant government associations and the medias, well-known Cosmetics & Personal Care brand, the major raw material suppliers and equipment providers to participate. We aim to discuss the latest regulatory developments in Asia Pacific cosmetic and personal care, raw materials research and innovative technology, cosmetics safety and other topics. You will meet nearly 50 international manufacturer of cosmetics and personal care, cosmetic formulations, R&D engineers and more than 200 industry professionals to work together to build the Asian cosmetic and personal care industry more natural, healthier and more secure future.

  Why Attend
40+ speakers to enlighten you all
Heated panel discussions
20+ hours Networking
200+ decision makers to engage with
Gaining Insights into Mission-Critical Issues on Cosmetics & Personal Care Industry
Networking with 50+ Global Cosmetics & Personal Care Manufacturers from 30+ Countries
  Key Issues
The outlook, opportunities and challenges of Chinese cosmetic industry in 2016
Importing Non-special Use Cosmetics Administrative License Decentralized Management Approach
Utilization of Non-animal Methods to Assess the Safety of Cosmetic Formulations
The Potential Impact of Epigenetics against Aging Cosmetics
The Trend of Raw Materials in Hair Care Products
Interpretations of Requirements for Efficacy Test with Cosmetics in China
Breakdown of Partcipants  
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