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Despite its saturated, or even shrinking market scale, Japan cosmetics industry is still highly advanced throughout Asia in trend-leading, research, QA and brand credibility. China has been growing its cosmetics market rapidly at the rate of approximately 10% per year. However, per capita is only about 1/8 comparing with Japan. Gaining soft power from Japan is considered to be an effective way for Chinese companies to maintain sustainable development, yet the communication between the two countries in cosmetics society is far beyond adequate. JCCEA is established to promote communication between the two societies, leading to win-win collaborations.


We are a HOKLAS and HKIAS accredited third-party laboratory, established by the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong in 1979. With headquarters in Hong Kong and two subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Shanghai, CMA Testing has aggressively spread its footprint across Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America with total 12 global regions, providing one-stop solution to meet the expectations of manufacturers, traders and buyers around the world. We support the industries through technical input, quality testing and certification, professional training, market trend, regulations consultancy and license application for cosmetic products.




ICEA – Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, is a consortium able to offer certification services in line with the principles of independency, impartiality and competence as to activities related to Food and No Food ethical and eco-friendly development.
With more than 17,000 certified companies in 15 countries, ICEA is the Italian leading organic certification body and one of the most relevant in Europe.
Relying on a network of more than 300 auditors, and expertise recognized by the national authorities and accreditation bodies of Italy, Canada, Japan, USA and other countries, ICEA provides a comprehensive range of certification and auditing services in the field of Organic, Environment and Social Responsibility.
Since 15 years, ICEA certifies natural and organic cosmetics and organic and ecological detergents. ICEA is also a founding member of COSMOS-standard, a new International Standard for Organic and Natural Cosmetics.

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